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This is the web home of the official Larkin Clan, registered with Clans of Ireland; the parent clan-governing body in Ireland. This is the Web Home of the worldwide community of Larkin Families; whose name is to be found in the most far-flung places on earth. There are many families sharing the name LARKIN; and they are not all necessarily related. We are concerned chiefly for the old Gaelic Larkin family, properly called the Ó Lorcán family. However there is room on this site for everyone bearing the noble name of Larkin.

We are the living network of a great many branches of the Gaelic O'Lorcan (Ó Lorcáín) family. Membership of the Lorcan/Larkin Clan is received as a right by birth, adoption or marriage into the family. The name "Lorcan" or "Larkin" is derived originally from a warrior named LORC who was a distant descendant of the great King Niall of Tara who reigned at the end of the 4th and start of the 5th century A.D. Today, as in the past, we are united in our desire to promote Ireland, Gaelic culture, education and the arts. As a Gaelic sept, we also aim to further our genealogical research and fraternity among our cousins in Ireland and around the world. We are a not-for-profit organization having charitable status in Ireland.

The Larkin families are a Sept of the Síl Anmachadha,  a Clan of the Southern O'Neill. They were founded some 1,500 years ago from the descendents of Maine Mór (Maine the Great) who was the son of King Niall of Tara, the 126th King of Ireland. Maine conquered a territory in the general East Galway area, which also encompassed lands which now form parts of Counties Roscommon, Offaly & Clare. The people of this area became knows as the Uí Maine [anglicised as Hy-Many], meaning the descendants of Maine. In time, the southern portion of this territory came under the sway of a strong clan named the O'Maddens; and the Larkin families were an integral part of that clan.  This happened in 700 AD, when Hy-Many was divided between two brothers, Eoghan Finn, who became ancestor to the northern Hy-Many or O'Kellys; and Eoghan Buach, who became ancestor to the southern Hy-Many or O'Madden. Eoghan Buach's son was called Anmchad or Ambrose. He was in turn the progenitor of a group of families known as Síol Anmchadha meaning the seed of Amnchad or Ambrose and the territory also became known as Síol Anmchadha or Silanchia. - Imagine If...... from WorldIrish on Vimeo.


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